Stockholm, Sweden: Places to Visit

I visited a ton of places thanks to the Stockholm Pass. The Stockholm Pass allows you to check out various museums and tours for one low price.  It’s available for a day, three days or five days.  We chose the three-day option which allowed us to go into the Nobel Museum, Vasa Museum, Nordic Museum, the Royal Palace, the Hop on and Hop off bus tour among the things we did.

Places We Went on the Stockholm Pass

The Vasa Museum was my favorite. The Vasa ship sank on it’s maiden voyage in 1628 and 333 years was rescued and placed into a museum.  The ship is huge so the museum has multiple floors which all have great views of the ship.  They offer free 30 minute tours in various languages.  During our little tour, we learned that the ship essentially sank because of a design defect – it was too top heavy.

The Nordic Museum is huge and a short walk from the Vasa Museum. The Nordic Museum discusses Swedish history – everything from holiday traditions to the history of clothes.  The highlight of this visit was the huge statute of King Gustav Vasa (he commissioned the Vasa ship) by the entrance of the museum.

If you get the chance between visits, definitely walk around the surrounding area of the Nordic and Vasa museums. It’s absolutely beautiful and right on the water.

Another cool place to check out is the Royal Palace of Stockholm. This is also on the Stockholm Pass.


Right after the palace, we went to the Stockholm Cathedral, which is very close by. Interesting fact, the church used to be a Catholic one but it no longer is.  Plus the church hosts royal weddings as well.



Free Things!

Did someone say FREE? We did two free tours – a subway art tour and a food tour.  There are a ton of free tours up on this website.  Since I covered the food tour in my food post, let’s discuss the subway art tour. Here’s some background on why the subway stops are covered in art. 

Even though the tour is free, you do need to get yourself a ticket to get on the subway. But once you get your ticket, the guide discusses all the stops on the train that you’ll be making.  The coolest stop was the first one and it’s the rainbow art stop.

There were four additional stops including one that was science themed and another music themed one.

Stockholm City Hall is free to go to. But if you’d like to tour the place, you’ll have to pay 90 SEK (during the months of November to March).  However, even if you don’t take a tour, its still a great place to check out. It’s very “Harry Potter-esque.”

Tall friend! Outside of City Hall




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