Smell Well Review

Disclaimer: A pair of Smell Well packets were provided to me.  These are my honest opinions. 

Smelly shoes are the worst.  For me, the two types of shoes that I own that smell badly are 1) flats and 2) climbing shoes.  Both of which you typically do not wear socks with so between dirt, sweat and whatever else, at the end of the day they stink. 

Enter Smell Well. 


It’s not a mind blowing concept but its solves a problem that we tend to ignore.  But can be quite embarrassing.

I’ve used Smell Well on a variety of things – from flats to climbing shoes to sneakers.  Without a doubt my climbing shoes are actually the smelliest and any climber would tell you their shoes smell badly after a climb.

climbing shoes are really gross

How do you use Smell Well? Its simple.  Just put each packet into a shoe and leave them overnight. In the morning, the bad smell is removed and replaced by a fresh one (think a clean laundry detergent smell).  These last 3 to 4 months and you don’t need to wash them. 


For $10, it’s reasonable and very useful to have around your closet.  So if you have smelly shoes, you should absolutely grab a pair of Smell Wells.

The Details: 

  • Website
  • Buy on Amazon
  • How many? 2 packets come in each order of Smell Well
  • What color? There are a few different patterns and colors.  Check out Amazon for the selection.
  • How much? $9.95 on Amazon Prime
Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 1.39.02 PM.png
Photo credit: Amazon


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