Virtual Coffee Date: January 2018

I was expecting January to be a quiet month now that I’m not in school. However, it’s been pretty crazy and busy. Here’s a recap:

If we were having coffee today…I’m officially a lawyer! The first week of January I was scheduled for my character and fitness interview, then at the interview, they gave me my oath ceremony date. So I was admitted on the last day of January!

Signing the oath book!
A bunch of baby lawyers at the swearing in cermony
law school friend, me, and my roommate – all sworn in on the same day!


It’s a weird feeling to finally and officially be a lawyer! But I’m so grateful that it’s official! I even found my name in the attorney database this morning.

If we were having coffee today….I sprained my ankle. UGH.

Me to my doctor friend: Hey, how do you know if you sprained your ankle?

Him: You fell off the climbing wall, didn’t you?

We all knew this was coming. I’ve been climbing a lot. It was only a matter of time until I sprained my ankle. It’s the worst. Of course it’s my left ankle. My left foot has given me all types of issues in the past like Achilles tendinitis during my first marathon in 2013. It flared up again during my last half-marathon in October. Plus I’m pretty sure I did hurt my left ankle climbing back in December but it was fine after a few days.

I was a little distracted that day. I reached the top of a bouldering problem and there was no easy way down.  I thought I was close enough to the ground that I’d be fine. I decided to jump and I completely landed on it wrong. When I hit the ground, I heard a pop. UGH.

I ended up working from home for two days because my left ankle was swollen, bruised, and I couldn’t put any weight on it.  It’s now better and my podiatrist gave me the OK to climb (top roping only with a harness, no bouldering since you end up jumping a lot). She also said no running until this week but I may push it off until next week. Even then, she said only a half mile to a mile at a time.  My ankle is better and the swelling went away. However, after three days of climbing straight (yes I’m crazy) last week, it’s a little swollen again.

auto-belay fun
I’m not allowed to do anything without an ankle wrap. Oh well.

If we were having coffee today…I had goals for January. One of those was to beat my number of workouts in December (23 workouts in December). I clearly couldn’t do that with my ankle being sprained as of the middle of January.  So I’ve been doing lots of arm weights, pushups and ab work.  All the things that I hate doing.  I’m definitely the type of person who lives for and loves high impact activities like running and spin class.  So this will be rough until my ankle is fully healed.

Speaking of which, I still haven’t been able to get myself to give up and cancel my NYC Half registration.  Clearly I will not be able to train for a half marathon in 6 weeks on a recovering sprained ankle but still….

If we were having coffee today…you probably realized I’m blonde again but this time it was actually done well. I had first gone blonde back in September and just let the color fade out and basically had 4 inches of roots to cover up by the time I went back to the salon.

I went to a new place in Chinatown and he was on FIRE. The color came out perfectly. I love it so much.  This time I actually know about purple shampoo to keep the color from turning brassy.

Day 2
Day 14 – the color faded a bit but definitely still blonde

If we were having coffee today…January was a crazy month.  I’m actually exhausted from January.  I’m excited to see what February brings and hopefully it’s quieter. Also, hopefully no February freakouts (although I can see that it’s beginning with my friends…more on that later).

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