Surviving the February Freakout

It seems that the general consensus, especially those of us in the Northeast and other wintery climates is that February is the freaking worst.  (Exhibit A – Hey…Can You Not Invite February? No Offense., Exhibit B – 8 Reasons Why February Is Literally The Worst Month Ever). It’s cold outside. It’s no longer the holidays. The excitement of a new year is gone. It’s not yet spring but it’s so close. Oh and there’s Valentine’s Day, which in my opinion sucks if you’re in a relationship or dating or even just single.

February Freakout is something my friends and I invited in law school. It’s the state of mind where you just FREAKOUT about something – the state of your love life, law school grades, law school, life in general, etc.  There’s something to freakout about, where you’re no longer okay with the status quo of your life and just panic….and maybe actually do something hasty to “fix it.”

My friends and I have done some seriously stupid things in the month of February in the past all thanks to “February Freakout.” I haven’t done any stupid things in recent years but in my youth I’ve quit jobs and broke up with boyfriends – all on a whim.  Ultimately those decisions were for the best, despite the way I went about it all. Other friends have done the same or worse.

So here we are…it’s February. Here are some tips to make it to March unscathed:

  • SELF-CARE – I know it’s the go to thing that everyone talks about but self-care is just so important. I’ve watched one too many law students and lawyers burn out so hard.  Self-care can mean different things to different people. Sometimes it means treating yourself to dinner or a pedicure. Other times, it means going on a 5 mile run or making an appointment to see a therapist.  Do what works for you to keep your mind and body healthy.
  • Pick up a new hobby – I picked up climbing a few months ago and I love it.  Climbing not only gives you a rush of adrenaline but also a sense of accomplishment. Finding a hobby you love makes surviving the winter a little more tolerable.
  • Look ahead – I’m a planner by nature so whenever I’m stuck in a rut, I plan ahead. During bar prep, I used BestSelfCo’s template to get me through 10 weeks of hell.  Just remember “this too shall pass” and keep looking forward to the future.
  • Plan a trip or just get away –  Just being busy planning a trip or actually getting away is so helpful to lift the mood of the winter dread. Preferably you go somewhere warm.
  • Enjoy being indoors – This might been binge watch all of Netflix or this may mean go to the museums.  Once it’s nice out, I always feel guilty about staying in and going to a museum so embrace being indoors!
  • Try something new – I’ve just discovered Meetup and other social sports teams (I should mention that my attempt at getting a skeeball team together has recently failed). It’s a great way to meet new people and try something new.

Take note – We probably should have gotten to this first and foremost, but other than the weather, why are you feeling stuck? Figuring out the core issue as to why you feel stuck is always a good way to go. Once you figure it out, it’s much easier to address, whether you feel stuck professionally or personally. It’s much easier once you know the root cause.

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