Virtual Coffee Date: February 2018

Oh February! Such a short month but it was a such a great and super busy month with work, friends and climbing.

If we were having coffee today.…I knocked out 1/4 of my New Year’s Resolutions.  I got admitted last month and now I just started a new job, both of which were at the top of my resolutions list.  I had hoped to take some time off between jobs but the offer came with just enough time to put a two-weeks notice in.  I’m super excited to start this new chapter because it’s a permanent attorney job which is great for my career. Plus I’m working in Brooklyn so it’s a short commute from my apartment (also in Brooklyn!).

First day of work selfie! 

If we were having coffee today.…then you probably know that one of my biggest pet peeves are indecisive people, and people with bad vibes. I say this because I’m very decisive so it drives me mad when people can’t make up their minds for weeks and months….and talk about it incessantly.  Also, when I say “bad vibes”, I mean those people who can’t be happy for you because they themselves are so miserable in their own lives. They’re constantly finding ways to bring you down. It’s hard to deal with. So I decided to just stop dealing and stay away from those people. It’s sad but I think people who are so miserable try to make everyone else come down to their level.

If we were having coffee today.…I had to drop out of the NYC Half Marathon because of the ankle situation. Sad times. It would have been my 25th half-marathon and my 5th time doing the half. Plus I would have loved to have ran the new course this year.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 6.08.44 PM.png

If we were having coffee today….I think we all know by now how obsessed I am with climbing. I joined a women’s climbing group this month and have made a few friends/belay partners out of it. Plus I’ve been able to go on a few climbs with a bunch of friends who have come to visit this month.  Also, I ran into a law school friend and he’s like “wait you climb? we have to go climbing together!” so we finally went for a climb earlier this week.

If we were having coffee today….I signed up for my first climbing competition. It’s in a few weeks. I’ve never done one before so I’m curious about how it will play out. I’ve watched competitions before (okay I’ve watched them online) but never actually competed in one.

If we were having coffee today….my goals for March is 1) to do well in the climbing competition 2) not to be the girl who talks incessantly about work 3) protect my energy levels and say no more often.

One thought on “Virtual Coffee Date: February 2018

  1. I’m having coffee right NOW, so good timing there. I’m sorry you had to drop the NYC half. I know that feeling. Come back stronger and you won’t regret it. 😀


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