Virtual Coffee Date: March 2018

If there was a theme for the month of March, it would be “new beginnings.” The whole month of March has been about me trying new things – from a climbing competition to physical therapy to getting glasses to making my first court appearance as a lawyer.

If you know me, you know I feel the need to master things at a rapid pace.  Well, I’m not trying to do that right now. I’m trying to embrace being a beginner – asking a ton of questions and just learning. A lot of people have reassured me that I’ll master this area of law or eventually I’ll be able to do a 5.12 on a climbing wall BUT it’s not going to happen overnight.  It’s nice to be reminded of it because people can stress themselves about these things.

In a way, I’m learning to trust the process. Anyways, here are my March updates…

If we were having coffee today...I finally started physical therapy for my ankle. I’ve never had to do PT before. I go 2x a week before work.  I do see improvements with my ankle. I’ve ran a few times on a treadmill (about 10 minutes each time), have done a few jumping exercises such as jump squats and leap frogs as well as one-legged pistol squats.  I still haven’t run outside yet and I have a few races I’m signed up for this month. Not sure if I quite ready yet.

If we were having coffee today...I’m hooked on climbing but that’s not really news. As my boss recently said to me, he won’t be surprised if I quit being a lawyer and become a dirtbag climbing bro (Literally LOLed when he said it – also he used to climb all the time so he gets the obsession). Anyways, here are my updates:

  • I placed 3rd in a climbing competition, which was my first competition ever. That being said, I’m not sure that I’d do a competition again. The whole experience was overwhelming. I got yelled at my some guy because I apparently don’t know the rules of the competition (insert eye roll here). Either way, I got really cool chalk bag out of it.

  • I did my first outdoor climb, which was on my list of New Year’s Resolutions. It was amazing up in the Gunks (aka Shawangunk Ridge). You can read more about that experience here.

If we were having coffee today…I’m pretty happy about the new job. First of all, I’ve been admitted for the past two months and it still blows my mind that “Of Counsel” follows my full name in legal documents.  Also, even though its wasn’t the subject matter I envisioned myself practicing after law school, it’s litigation, which I love.  The day moves very fast when I’m running around court all the time.  It’s actually physically and mentally exhausting but I love it.  Plus I have my own office with a window, which is amazing to me (I do have to share it but its a nice sized office).

If we were having coffee today...I can’t get over the fact I have to get glasses. I’ll admit I’ve secretly always wanted glasses but I didn’t think I’d ever need them. My vision isn’t bad (I did pass my vision test for the DMV).  My license expires in a few weeks so I had to get my vision tested. The last time I got my vision tested was 8 years ago for my last license renewal. Either way, I have to say the Warby Parker hype is worth it. I’m very impressed with them so far.  Let’s hope I still am when I finally get my glasses next week.

As for April, my goals are: 1) run a race (I’m signed up for 3 races (two 4 mile races & a 10K not sure I can do all three); and 2) plan my next climbing trip.

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