Back At It: An Ankle Update – Part II

So I wrote this almost two months ago. I sprained my ankle the day of my character and fitness interview. You can read more about that here. 

In mid-February, I got the OK to start doing physical therapy from my doctor. Due to new health insurance and a new job, I didn’t actually start PT until mid-March.

So Physical Therapy?

I have to admit that I was weirdly excited to do PT. I’ve never done it before so it’s fascinating to me.  It was like having a personal trainer that insurance pays for.

I really liked my PT and the office itself.  It was close to work, which made it easy to go in the morning then head directly to the office.

What Did You Do?

PT sessions were well over an hour and really depended on how fast you got through exercises. Plus the exercises vary based on injury.  Part of my therapy was an ankle massage for 10 minutes each time I went. My PT would use an upward motion “to get the swelling out” of my ankle.  The day after the first ankle massage and PT, my ankle was sore. Not sure if it was the massage or the workouts but it was sore.

For a few weeks, I was going 2x a week then the last three weeks was only 1x a week.  In the beginning, I was doing a lot of standing leg exercises with a band above my ankles.  Some of those exercises made my hips tight so I did a lot of yoga

By the end of PT, I was running on the treadmill, jumping around on one leg, doing frog hops up and down the office, and doing squat jumps.  Also, the last few weeks, more core work like planks were incorporated into my routine.

That Fear Issue

I’m terrified of hurting my ankle again.  The morning after a lead climbing class where I took a huge fall and stopped it by slamming my feet into a wall, my ankle was hurting.  So the next day, I stayed away from bouldering.

The morning of a 10K my ankle felt odd so I started off the race slowly and pushed the speed once it felt better.  This past week I’ve ran 3x which is more than my ankle is used to.  I did a spin class two weeks ago and twisting my foot to get my spin shoes out of the locks scared me.

But of all the things, bouldering really freaks me out still but I’m trying to face my fears while also being very, very careful.

What’s next?

I’m definitely better because of PT. I still ice my ankle and warm it up before I do anything. Doesn’t matter if its biking, climbing, or running.  I wrote down a lot of the exercises I did in PT and try to do those once a week.

I’m a little scared of flag football since that’ll be a lot of running. I’ll forever be scared of bouldering but I still do it anyways. I forgot how much I loved running so I signed up for the Mini 10K in June. Regardless, my job requires me (when I’m in court) to be on my feet a lot so an injury really does make my life a lot harder if I get injured again.

But there’s a silver lining to all of this, getting injured, I forced me to make climbing friends. For a while bouldering just wasn’t an option so I needed belay partners. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me much better for it.

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