Virtual Coffee Date – May 2018: When patience is overrated

Every month has a theme and this month’s is that patience is overrated.  Sometimes it isn’t other times, it is.

I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I think one “bad” action/interaction/etc doesn’t speak for the whole story.  I guess you can say I’m very patient with people….until a certain point where I’m just annoyed and can’t be around that person. It’s incredibly frustrating when you just hope someone gets it together once and for all, and they just don’t.

This past month I’ve found myself really trying to be patient and hoping people would get their s*** together. No one has. But it’s frustrating when you see the potential for amazingness and that person lets you down again and again. I think the hardest lesson to learn this month is making the grown-up decision, aka a smart the long-term decision versus the “it feels great in the moment but it’s actually a terrible life choice” short-term decision. It’s always hard when you realize patience isn’t helping here but walking away will.

Moving on….May has been an amazing month nonetheless. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

If we were having coffee today…I’d tell you that I’m really into flag football. I’ve always loved team sports but now I understand why people love football. Not sure how this happened but I now play for two different football teams – one is two-hand touch and one is flag football. It’s essentially the same thing.  I was pretty nervous for my first game but we ended up scrimmaging since the other team didn’t show up plus it was raining. The people are great and I do love things and sports that force me to only think of that one thing when it’s happening (hence litigation, rowing, climbing, and now football).

What I don’t love – I have a ridiculous amount of bruises every time I play. I counted 10 bruises the other day after my game.

If we were having coffee today…I’d tell you I’m in planning mode – Europe in September and Asia this winter. Plus hopefully lots of weekends away this summer. I love summer in NYC but I need to be either on a beach, on the water, or in the woods climbing some rocks.

If we were having coffee today…I’d tell you all my climbing updates: 1) I placed 2nd in a bouldering competition 2) I went to Acadia, Maine to climb! 3) I finally learned to rappel, and did my first multi-pitch as well as my first night climb. All of it was terrifying but also so worth the 12 hour drive up there.

So what’s on the calendar for June? Outdoorfest, more football, lots of climbing and hopefully a lot more kayaking! I’m pumped for summer 2018 but I’ve been very much overbooking myself for the past few weeks.

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