Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide (BBG)/SWEAT Review

aThe overachieving blogger/lawyer in me has to go through multiple drafts of things before I actually hit the “publish” button. I started this draft well over a year ago and made some updates but here is my SWEAT/BBG story…


Oh Instagram. I’m not sure whose Instagram I was scrolling through but I had seen tags and posts related to #BBG. So I looked into it and thought it was interesting.

It was February 2017 and I had recently come back from Asia.  When I was in the Philippines, I wasn’t eating very healthy and wasn’t working out much. I was getting bored with my fitness class routine and needed to strength train.

Law school graduation was coming and I didn’t want to look like a hot mess in my photos.  Law school not only took a mental toll on me but a physical one as well. Plus it seemed like so many of my classmates were on a graduation diet as well.  We were all in the last semester of school and had a lot more free time than we’ve ever had in the past 3 years so I picked up BBG. At the time, there was a free one week trial so I had to do it.

What is it?

The app itself is called “SWEAT” and Kayla’s original program is called the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) for short.  Originally she became famous for BBG’s e-book/PDFs.

BBG is a exercise and nutrition program for 12 weeks.  It consists of 3 resistance workouts and 3-4 LISS (Low intensity steady state) workouts. There’s also two recovery workouts (you can choose out of the 4 – one of which lists “rest” as a recovery workout lol).

The 3 resistance workouts are: Abs, Arms and Legs.  For the first 23 weeks of the program, there are 2 circuits with 4 different moves in each circuit.  You alternate the circuits twice with 30 seconds in between each circuit.  Each circuit is 7 minutes long so it adds up to a 28 minute workout.  Plus there’s a cool down as well (I usually skip this part).

Over a year ago, SWEAT added 3 additional programs to it – BBG Stronger, Body and Mind, Post-Pregnancy.

  • BBG Stronger is essentially the same as BBG but utilizes more gym machines.
  • Body and Mind is a yoga program which just seems odd to me.
  • Post-Pregnancy is exactly what it sounds like.

What are the pros?

It’s short. It’s easy to follow. I like have a plan where I check off everything I need to do.

I also love that the app has a timer on it so no need to set a separate timer.

I’ve used BBG Stronger and Body and Mind and I like it.  I like having the options for working out. Body and Mind is basically yoga and is not the same as a yoga video or class but gets the jo

What are the cons?

It’s a lot of workouts. In total, you’re working out at least 6x a week between LISS and resistance workouts.  A lot of people don’t have time for that.

It’s a lot of jumping, which sucks if you have hip, knee or any type of leg issue.  Also, it won’t be great for your downstairs neighbors if you’re jumping around your apartment a few times a week.

The nutrition program is useful but a bit ridiculous.  I don’t really want to buy 1000000 ingredients (I kid but it does seem that way).

Unless you have dumbbells, a medicine ball, jump rope, etc. laying around, you’re going to have to buy those things or get a gym membership.  I actually have those things laying around my apartment but I’ve been using the same two 8lb weights since February so I’m going to need to buy heavier weights.

Does it work? 

I started it in February and by the end of June, I had already dropped 13lbs/5.9kg, which is most of the weight I gained in law school.  I didn’t really do anything different with my diet other than drinking at least one protein shake a day and working out a lot.  That being said, even though the scale wasn’t moving at some points, I was gaining a lot of muscle and my clothes fit MUCH better (i.e. jeans, pencil skirts, etc.) I could feel the definition in my legs, abs and arms.  I consistently used it for about 7 months and now just use it occasionally.

Also, I didn’t follow the nutrition plan because in between work and school and bar prep, there really wasn’t a lot of time to meal prep.  Protein shakes are my go-to for that reason.

So it’s worth the price tag?

The price is $19.99 a month if you want to pay monthly or $54.99 every three months. Plus tax for both.  I’m not sure if it’s worth it exactly.  It’s pretty overpriced for what it is considering you can get a ton of free workouts online.

That being said, I still using the app for accountability and consistently.

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