Virtual Coffee Date: July 2018 – Independence!

Independence Day isn’t just the 4th of July. It was the theme of my month.  It also marks the end of one hell of a transition year.

The bar exam was over a year ago-the last Tuesday and Wednesday of every July.  After the bar exam, I jumped from student to law graduate to lawyer from one temporary job to a permanent one.  It also marks a year of the unknown.  Last fall, I remember being terrified of not passing the bar, not getting a permanent job, not getting my s*** together….

I mention this because it’s all hilarious now. It feels like ages ago. Also, for the first few months after the bar, I felt really stuck and dependent on so many things and people. Now I don’t feel that way at all. The past 6 months, I’ve felt more like myself than I’ve ever been – a lot more empowered and independent (aka the theme of this month). Speaking of which, this is what I was up to…

If we were having coffee today….I’d tell you that I BOUGHT A ROPE! I’ve been thinking about it for a while – doing my research, learning about UIAA ratings, learning more and more about anchors. Ropes are expensive but climbing guides are even more expensive. Also, climbing with people who absolutely disgust you just because someone in the group has a rope isn’t worth it anymore.

It was one hell of a investment but after climbing outdoors this past weekend on my new rope, it was worth the money.

If we were having coffee today.…I’d tell you that drama is sometimes a good thing. It’s stressful and annoying when you have to deal with it. Yet this month, it pushed me to see how amazing some people are (& how disgusting others are). I’ve had enough of other people’s BS and some people just need to be cut out.

Drama sometimes makes you realize what you do and don’t want and what you hope you’ll never be.  I’m not sure what it is but my tolerance for drama outside of the courtroom is at an all-time low (probably because my job is super stressful).

If we were having coffee today….I’d tell you I wasn’t kidding when I said I want to be away every weekend this summer.  This was month, I was away every weekend. I love NYC but being in the city when it’s hot and humid is the worst. This month, I’ve spent a huge amount of time upstate more specifically the Poughkeepsie/New Paltz/Gunks area. I’ve been climbing, hiking, swimming and camping most weekends.

hiking in Minnewaska State Park
Climbing in the Gunks/ Mohonk Preserve
Minnewaska State Park

If we were having coffee today….I’d tell you I survived camping this month and hiking. Admittedly, I have a love/hate relationship with hiking. I love half marathons and marathons but the idea of doing a hike longer than maybe 6 miles grosses me out. That being said, I did an 8 mile hike this month in 95 percent humidity and didn’t hate it. On the same hike, I also saw a bear!

As for camping, I can’t remember the last time I did it (maybe in college, maybe even before that?). This past weekend, my friends and I stayed at a campground right by the Gunks. I loved it even though my friends thought it was essentially “glamping.” Loved it so much I’m looking at buying my own tent! (Been borrowing a coworker’s all summer).

If we were having coffee today….I’d tell you I’m so excited for all the trips coming up in August and September. I will definitely be going to the Gunks every weekend I’m actually in the state of New York. Otherwise travel plans for the rest of the summer include Boston, Maine and New River Gorge but also Europe in September!

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