Eurotrip highlights: London, Munich, Salzburg & Zurich

After spending the summer, doing so many weekend trips, it was amazing to actually get away for a much longer period of time.

I was only gone for 9 days but I saw/did/and ate so much. Here are my highlights from each city:


London reminds me of a crossover between NYC and Boston plus British accents. It feels more like a town like Boston but with the diversity feels more like NYC.

I’ve never been to London but my best friend has. So we did all the touristy things including doing an afternoon trip to Stonehenge which was really cool. I didn’t think it would be but it was.

Since we’re both foodies, we had to do a food tour of London. My friend found an East End food tour through Eating Europe. For 4 hours, we stopped at 8 different places to eat and drink delicious things. The East End reminds me a bit of Brooklyn with the diversity of communities and also the cool street art.


Just like London, Munich’s public transportation is amazing. Despite that, I think the best thing about Munich is how easy it is to get around by bike.

I originally signed up for a bike tour of Munich but the uber got stopped by plain clothes police officers (apparently Uber is sorta illegal in Germany?). Regardless, I missed the tour and ended up exploring the city on my own.


I’ve never seen the Sound of Music but apparently it’s set in Salzburg. Salzburg is a short two hour train ride south of Munich. It’s a gorgeous city that’s easy to get around by walking or bike.


Another gorgeous city but probably also the most expensive (uh I paid $7 for an iced coffee…no). It’s only a 4 hour trip via train from Munich.

Instead of exploring by bike I decided to explore by foot aka running. I thought it was a little too chilly to swim but the public swim areas are amazing. I spent a few nights sitting on the dock watching people swim or jump off the bridge into the water.

We also did a boat ride and Tram ride to Adliswil, which given the elevation gives you great views of lake Zurich.

So what was my favorite city?

They’re all so different. Munich felt the least glamorous of all the cities. Obviously Salzburg was the smallest of the cities with more a country feel. Zurich didn’t have the fast paced feel of London but London had the most diversity that I’ve seen of all the cities.

However, the food tour of London was definitely my favorite touristy thing I did during the trip. I’m a believer that you don’t really know a culture unless you’ve had the food. For example, I didn’t realize Brits were obsessed with their curry houses.

What did I miss? What do I need to see if I ever go back again?

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