Level Up – Bye 2018, HELLO 2019!

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Happy New Year’s everyone! Greetings from the other side of the world (the Philippines!)!

Before I can get into 2019 resolutions, we have to give 2018 a proper goodbye.  2018 was a crazy year of firsts – I officially became a lawyer and got admitted, got my first real lawyer job, did my first outdoor climb, won my first (of three) climbing competitions,  joined flag football, finally took a few ceramics classes, learned how to crochet and knit, learned how to play ultimate frisbee, etc.


If life got a bit harder, that probably means you leveled up

^^I found this quote somewhere this year but it describes 2018 perfectly.  Because 2018 was an insane year of firsts, I’ve found myself in some really stressful and awkward situations in every area of my life. Some hilarious and great stories (not for this blog ;)) include:

  • climbing with your “ex” and his new gf (who I now absolutely adore)
  • that time I was trying to sleep in a room full of people and two people decided to hook up in it (insert vomit face and/or rolling eye emoji here)
  • climbing with your ex and his ex-gf who hates you
  • that time I was on a football team with a bunch of a****** who completely ignored all the women on the team (and other teams noticed and tried to recruit us out of pity hahaha).

Despite being in all of these stressful and awkward situations, 2018 was the year I completely pushed myself out of my comfort zone and called out all the b******. This might be a side benefit of going to court and arguing all the time but I’ve found myself actually effectively getting my point/argument/etc. across, asking the hard questions and not being afraid to do so in my personal life.

Enough with 2018, HEY 2019!

2019 is the year I turn 30! So maybe I have a bucket list to get through before I turn 30 but I don’t have any specific goals or resolutions for 2019 (which feels weird for a goal oriented person like me) but I’m looking to get back to running.  2018 was the one year in a loooonggg time that I have not done a half-marathon.  I was supposed to run the NYC Half last March but with a sprained ankle that didn’t happen.

So in no specific order, here’s on my to-do list for 2019:

  • go to South and/or Central America
  • do my 25th half-marathon
  • more “active” trips like kayaking, hiking or climbing trips
  • go to more US cities like New Orleans, Portland, and Seattle
  • join a women’s football team
  • join a volleyball team

Do you have any goals for 2019?


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