Virtual Coffee Date: February 2019

Honestly, I hate February.  Actually I might hate January more but February seems to really be the worst.  It stands in between the post-holiday highs of January and impending warmer weather and spring.

I also hate it because February Freakout  but I’ll get to that later.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you… much football! I finally feel comfortable on offense even though I’ve been playing since May.  I’ve always felt better on defense (I got 8 “tackles” in one game this month haha). Anyways, I loved playing winter football but playing on a Friday night and a Sunday morning felt like most of my weekends were being taken up by football.  Luckily, the season ended last week so no more football until April….


If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you…..because there’s no more football until April, I signed up for volleyball – one is a 4 week INDOOR league and one is a 6 week beach volleyball league in Brooklyn Bridge Park. I’ve always wanted to play volleyball and have played very casually during summer camp.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you…..I’m not a winter sports person. I LOVE the outdoors but do not love the cold (although I’m working on it).  Despite this, I’ve been on two winter hikes this month.  The upside of winter hiking is there’s no snakes and I was very comfy in all my layers. It’s a nice difference than hiking in the summer where I was just continuously sweaty and hot the whole time.  (Read about these winter hikes: Bonticou Crag & Panther Mountain).

At the top of Bonticou Crag
Bonticou Crag

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you…..I went 2+ weeks without a rest day.  Between climbing with friends, two football teams and trying to fit in yoga and spin class, it’s been crazy.

Taught my football friend to climb! And she climbed 2x with me this month!

I took two classes at the Y7 in Flatiron this month and I love it.  I haven’t been in a few years but it was great to go back and get sweaty.


Despite all of the working out, I feel heavy. That winter weight is on.  I feel gross.  I’ve been getting tired more easily.  It could be the winter but it also could be that work has been very busy the past few months.  A client walked into my office after not having seen me since September and said, “looks like someone gained some weight.” UGH.

This is partially why I hate February. I don’t love the cold. I don’t usually want to go out. I eat a lot of things I normally don’t eat (carbs and cheese anyone?). But then again, I do this every winter since high school. I’d be in the best shape of my life for three seasons of the year and then winter happens and I’m like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you…..I am SO EXCITED FOR SPRING. I’m excited for more hiking and outdoor climbing and more outdoors and more trips! Plus I’m super excited for half-marathon training and volleyball.  This weekend, I’m heading upstate to the Gunks and Catskills for ice climbing! In early April, I’m heading to Mexico as an early birthday getaway.

March, I’m ready for you! Spring, I’m ready for you too!

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