Winter Hike: Hook Mountain with Girl Gotta Hike

Ever since Outdoorfest last year, I’ve been following Girl Gotta Hike on social media and have been wanting to go on one of her free monthly hikes, “public transit series.”  These monthly hikes take place at a different location accessible by public transportation from NYC.

Where did you go?

This time was Hook Mountain State Park, right in Nyack.  Instead of taking the bus with the rest of the Girl Gotta Hike group. My four friends and I carpooled from Brooklyn. It took a little over an hour.

When we got there, the parking lot was closed so we parked a few minutes away and met up with the group.  Before we took off on the hike, Melissa, the founder of Girl Gotta Hike, showed up where we were going and described the trails we were taking. Then we were on our way.

The trail

On a scale of 1 to Breakneck Ridge, this would be a 5. The ice and snow made this more of a challenge. We traveled on part of the Long Path to the summit of Hook Mountain. My friend let me have her trekking poles which I’ve never used before but was so useful for this hike.


We got to the summit of Hook Mountain fairly quickly, which was nice. We were a big group of 15+ hikers so we were moving at a casual pace. In the beginning of the hike, there was a mix of mud and snow.

North facing view of Hook Mountain
another great view point on the trail
Going down Hook Mountain

There are so many great views on this trail of the Hudson, which are all great even after leaving Hook Mountain.


The hardest part of the trail was definitely going down the mountain before a flat path, right next to the Hudson River. There was so much snow and ice but it was a beautiful day out.

Almost done!
At the trail
Views of the cliff from below!

Final thoughts

Loved everything about this 6.6 mile hike. I loved the all girl hiking group vibe. Melissa was a great and patient guide. I learned a lot about hiking. Loved that it was free (minus paying gas and tolls to get there). It was a beautiful day too!

I would absolutely join another hike hosted by Melissa again. Highly recommend hiking with Girl Gotta Hike if you ever get the chance!

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