Half-Marathon #25 – Flying Pig Half

This race has been on my bucket list for years! Ever since my old roomie moved in 5 years ago. She’s originally from Cincinnati and she moved back and moved out of our apartment this December so it was the perfect time to sign up for a half and visit her!


Not the greatest. That being said, I forgot how hard halfs are. I haven’t done a half marathon in over a year and half. My longest long run was 10 miles and I haven’t ran over 6 miles in over a year until this training. So in a way you can say I’ve done the bare minimum of training.

Pre-race Expo

Loved the pre race expo! Actually I loved how I got off the plane and saw this piggy at the airport.

The pre-race expo was held at Duke Energy Convention Center. It was huge especially for a half marathon. The one my other pre race expo that’s comparable in my mind is the NYC Marathon expo.

So many freebies and cute photo taking opportunities! We bought some fuel at the expo and got to try some different samples.

Also, in addition to getting a shirt included in the registration fee, all runners got a poster, magnet and a cooler (a cooler!? So cool!).

The Race

The start time was 6:30am so my friend dropped us off around 5:30am. There were plenty of port a potties around and it was relatively easy to get around. Since the marathon and half had the same start, it was pretty packed for the first half of the race and the start corrals.

Everyone warned me about the hills which looking at a course elevation map, I knew the worst part of the race would be miles 6-10. I’m not sure if I went out too hard in the beginning but there little bridges the first 4 miles had a slight incline so by the time I got to mile 6 I was already exhausted.

By mile 7, I calmed down a bit. I stopped a took a picture by this guy.

After mile 10, it was all downhill…until the last mile. Maybe I was imagining it but there was a slight incline before seeing the crowds of people leading up to the finish line.

The Finish

I saw my cheer squad right at the finish and met up with my friend to grab some post race food like pizza that was free for all the finishers. We ended up bailing on the post race party because we were so tired.

Final thoughts

I wish I had done this sooner! Besides having one of my best friends out there, Cincy is a super cute city with great food and craft beer distilleries around. PLUS the race was a lot of fun. The crowds were great, the expo was great, everything BUT those hills were amazing. I would definitely come back to do the race ago (this time with more hills training).

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