Climbing in Joshua Tree, California

So Joshua Trees are really cool not-tree trees. It’s a succulent.

A month ago I spent a few days in Joshua Tree (the town) and in the park (Joshua Tree National Park). We took a direct flight from JFK to Palm Springs then an uber to the town of Joshua Tree, which is at the northern border of the park.

It is absolutely the coolest park I’ve ever been to.  It’s beautiful and the geography changes a lot depending on where you are in the park.  It’s a desert

I went to climb for this trip and everyone is absolutely right about climbing in the West – it is HARD. And it doesn’t help that unlike last summer (2018), I’ve only climbed outdoors 3x this past year before this trip.

After two straight days of climbing, I woke up on the 3rd day with very tender hands (read: I couldn’t even pick up my phone my hands hurt so much). So we took a rest day to explore more of the park including the geology tour.

(If you’re going to do the geology tour, please know it’s full blown off roading. You should probably have a really good car for off roading or just not go above 10 miles an hour.)

If you’re looking to climb or hike or just check out another national park, I highly recommend going to Joshua Tree National Park. It’s not packed at all and going in the fall gives you pretty cool weather (it was high 60s during the day/low 40s at night).