Goodbye to my favorite season (Fall!)!

I love fall. I love sweaters and fall hiking, fall climbing, fall beverages, campfires, fall half-marathons and marathons. Everything is better in the fall.

I think we all know that my greatest downfall is overbooking myself. For most of September and October, I had something going on or was away – backpacking one weekend, my best friend’s wedding the weekend after, after that – the Boston Half Marathon, then climbing in Joshua Tree…..then just throw some more bridesmaids duties in there and some other random hikes in there and there was my fall.

Fall’s also a busy time in court so I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out with how much has been going on because obviously I have a job but I somehow ended up team captain of a football team and bocce team (how did this happen?).  Either way, this fall was amazing – some highlights

Climbing in Joshua Tree – read here

Backpacking in Harriman State Park – read here

my best friend’s wedding in upstate New York – it was on a horse farm and it was amazing, although chilly for the first weekend of October

Running my 26th half marathon in Boston – I lived in Boston for over a year and half and really haven’t seen most of this route that takes place in Jamaica Plain.  It’s a beautiful route and a gorgeous day that was really well run. Also the tech shirt that comes with the registration fee is awesome. It is my favorite race shirt of all time.

Hiking!!!! I love fall hiking – I went to Anthony’s Nose twice this fall, the first was my first time there. It’s a hike not easily accessible by train but 75 minutes away from NYC. It has great views of the Hudson River.

At the top of Anthony’s Nose


Anthony’s Nose 3 weeks later and 30 degrees colder

Another hike I did was Buttermilk Falls in the Delaware River Gap.  It was mid-November so a bit chilly but the incline is STEEP in the beginning so you’ll love the cool air for it.  Part of the trail runs on the Appalachian Trail.

I’m sad that fall is ending but I do love the holidays – the lights, the decorations, the baked goods – it’s all so good but I hate the cold. Now that things are slowing down a bit, I’m excited to get back to a real routine of climbing and running. I entered my name into the Chicago Marathon (again for the 3rd time!! just pick me already!). I’ve also been going to Orangetheory a decent amount since I got a membership two months ago.  I’m definitely feeling faster and stronger for sure.

What are you looking forward to this holiday season and winter?

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