Where have I been?

Almost 4 months without writing…where did the time go?! I’ve just been busy. There were the holidays, work (I left an old job, started a new one two days later), and all the hobbies.

Races you say?

2020 is going to be the year I get back into running.  Or was? I’m currently signed up for only three races – the Broad Street Run (5/3), the Brooklyn Half (5/16) and the Chicago Marathon (10/11).  The May races haven’t been cancelled yet….but I’ve started training.

I’m pretty nervous about another marathon though.  I haven’t done one since the NYC Marathon in 2015.  Almost 4.5 years ago.  So it’s been a long time.  Brooklyn Half training takes me right to the start of Chicago Marathon training (doing 20 weeks of training to give me some leeway with the bridesmaids duties I have this year).

I guess I don’t hate winter sports anymore

I’ve never been a fan of winter sports. I tried winter track once in high school and quit after a day. I tried snowboarding once as a high school senior and hated that too.  But over the past year, I’ve slowly grown my collection of winter outdoor gear thanks to end of season sales at REI.  This fall, I had been invited on a few skiing trips, which I agreed to go on (because I’ll never say no to an adventure ha). So it was a great time to learn to ski! Now I kinda love it.

Learning how to ski at Shawnee Mountain

Three biggest takeaways from learning skiing this season: 1) ice is not fun so go to Vermont or out West; 2) this is not cheap; 3) it’s definitely easier to learn than snowboarding.

Selfies at Killington

I bought most of my gear (helmet, goggles, and snow pants) off Amazon for very cheap but ski rentals are not cheap and eat up most of my skiing budget.  It’s also not easy to do unless you have a car in NYC but plenty of companies like Ovrride are the perfect  getaway out of the city.

Best part of the day – drinks for the ride back to the city!

So what’s next?

Would love a PR this year for a race, would love to plan a trip somewhere to relax but also more hiking and more climbing trips but everything seems so up in the air right now thanks to corona so we will see what actually happens.

Either way if there’s more adventures and training, I’m ready to get back to blogging!

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