Brooklyn Half Training: Social Distancing Edition

Hey friends! How is everyone holding up? Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and social distancing! Shoutout to all the essential workers out there keeping everything running!

When I started working from home (“WFH”) over 3 weeks ago, I assumed I’d be a lot more productive, not just for work but overall in life.  I hit the ground running on productivity then kinda just fell off of it.  I was trying to learn how to code (Javascript if you’re wondering) on the free app called Grasshopper. I’m still playing around with it though not with the same enthusiasm. Though I’ve also started watching webinars and crocheting again so maybe I’m being productive?

Working on working out

I am still working out everyday – biking, running, strength, Pilates, etc. WFH makes it really easy to break up the day with lunch workouts.  I really wasn’t into the idea of doing live Instagram story workouts or zoom workouts but I tried it. and I love it!  I’ve been a huge fan of @womenshealthmag’s live IG workouts. Seems like they’re hosting two or three free workouts everyday. Today, I did a very sweaty 40 minute Box and Flow class and the other day did a 15 minute butt sculpt workout.

I’ve also been working out in a small group training session 5 days a week over Zoom which has been great to be able to get feedback on form, etc.  I’ve been doing core 2x a week, strength 2x a week and yoga once a week.

I’m also still running because the Brooklyn Half is in 5.5 weeks? Everyone doubts it’s happening but I haven’t heard anything otherwise, which is surprising. I was signed up for the Broad Street run, which was two weeks before the Brooklyn Half and that has now been postponed to October 4. Race or no race – I’m still trying to build a solid base before Chicago Marathon training starts.

Besides running and indoor workouts, I’ve also been hiking most weekends and biking everywhere, which is the upside of this.  Though I feel a little ashamed I’m doing this — not just the hiking but the running, the biking, etc.  Obviously I’m social distancing but I’ve been hiking with my boyfriend (who lives alone btw).  NYC isn’t on full lockdown mode and people can still go out to get groceries and workout (alone or whoever they are quarantined with) but some people are just freaking out on other people on social media (or IRL) and I’m not here for it.  There is a huge difference between a football game in the park versus hiking alone with your SO but to some people it’s the same thing.

All of this is to say that people’s anxieties manifest differently whether you take it out on your roommate for going outside or need to drink or need to workout constantly (ME), people react differently. For me, it’s not just about going outside to run, it’s just being able to manage my anxiety through working out. It’s not just about being a certain size, I just love moving and working up a sweat.

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