My favorite hikes of 2020 so far

For the first few months of the pandemic, I was sneaking out of the city for some hiking (**sneaking out because some people didn’t approve of leaving their apartment ever). Depending on what time of day you arrive, it can be a great time to social distance and get some fresh air.

According to my AllTrails app, I’ve done 13 hikes but then again I’m sure I’m missing a few (actually probably missing 3+ hikes). For the most part, if there are views and some challenges, I’m into it. There were lots of good hikes the past few months.

Here are my top three favorites in no particular order:

North Point and Pitching Point Loop

It was only 4.6 miles and it had some of the best views of the Hudson Valley (that wasn’t Breakneck). It has quite the elevation gain but the views are spectacular.  We went in early May so before everything was in bloom.  AllTrails Link here.


Mount Minsi via Appalachian Trail

A must do if you’re ever in the Delaware Water Gap! It’s 5.5. miles. We did this counter clockwise which isn’t great if you are trying to social distance (the trails aren’t that wide) but are great if you’re trying to avoid that steep elevation gain.  AllTrails Link here.


Stowe Pinnacle via Pinnacle Meadow Trail

It was only 3.5 miles but it was a challenge.  There are other ways to do this trail but are longer.  TBH you don’t need to do the longer trail. This is a challenge already.  It actually gets more challenging the closer you are to top (like last 1/4 of it).  Absolutely worth the views.  Plus the town is adorable! And it’s only 45 minutes outside of Burlington. AllTrails Link Here.


Runner Up – Trapps, Coxing and Millbrook Ridge Trail Loop

This would probably be a favorite hike but I saw two MASSIVE SNAKES on this trail and I was too freaked out for the rest of the hike to enjoy it.  Also, saw a very cute porcupine on the trail as well. Either way, the views are great. I just hate snakes. Also, it’s on Mohonk Preserve property so the day hiking fee per person is a steep $15. (It’s not so bad but all the other trails I just mentioned were free to hike). AllTrails Link Here.


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