Where did the time go?

It felt like New Year’s Eve just yesterday.  Then all of a sudden it’s almost September! As slowly as time feels like it was going, now it feels like it’s going too fast.

It’s been a crazy almost five months since the last time I blogged.  I tried to get myself to blog throughout this whole pandemic but I just couldn’t.  It didn’t feel right. Even though I wasn’t doing as many things or seeing anyone, I feel the way most people feel lately and just exhausted by the world.  Summer has helped that a bit. Especially since things are now opening up a bit more.

Anyways, what have a been up to since early April…

  • Zoom Birthday – I’ve always been big on birthdays. Especially birthday parties. I guess this is the first year I had to do it over zoom.
  • New pandemic hobbies – this has switched up a bit based on the weather. At one point I was just on zoom every night playing Jackbox games with my friends, then it turned into Animal Crossing then it turned into crocheting then it turned into long bike rides then paddle boarding, then watching all the Spanish netflix shows (i.e. Cable Girls anyone? Or Valeria? etc.)  I also got really into cooking seafood at one point. I guess I tried to keep myself busy outside of work.

    paddle boarding in VT (August 2020)
  • pandemic hair! I’ve always wanted to do this to my hair.  My old roommate used Overtone for years to keep her hair colored blue.  I’m growing out my bayalage and since the bottom of my hair is bleached, the color purple stayed in really well.  It doesn’t last much longer than 3 weeks but it’s so worth it.  A tub of this stuff should last a few applications.

    Purple hair (May 2020)
  • I moved!!! After 8+ years I moved out of my apartment in Brooklyn.  Yes, I lived in the same place for EIGHT YEARS! Right now I’m chilling at upstate at my parents’ house which hasn’t been so bad. I’m saving a lot but eventually I’ll need to come back to the city once I start having to go to the office but I don’t know when that’s happening. Either way, I’m loving the access to nature and the ability to actually social distance upstate. I love NYC but we’re kinda on a break right now.
  • just a workout streak – I did one in January for 28 days straight then I got sick with some virus (not corona). In an effort to start training for the Brooklyn half marathon and the Chicago Marathon, I started a workout streak when work from home started. I’m currently on day 168. I told myself I’d stop working out every day when things went back to normal. (LOL)
  • As much traveling as possible (as safely as possible) – in 2019 I can’t count the amount of times I had been on a plane between the Philippines, Mexico, Ecuador, and other countless number of trips.  Lately, I’ve kept the traveling to every state that borders New York aka lots of road trips.  Favorite road trip so far – was to Vermont last weekend.  Lots of swimming in Lake Champlain, paddle boarding and hiking.  Also, Stowe is such a cute little town.
    Climbing in CT (June 2020)
    Hiking Bull Hill (July 2020)
    Stopped at a corn stand in VT (August 2020)
    Hiking the Mohonk Preserve (June 2020)

    What have you been up to recently? Have you picked up any new hobbies throughout quarantine?

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