Virtual Coffee Date: April 2018

Since the theme for March was “new beginnings”, it’s only fitting that the theme for April was “surprises.” Lots of things surprised me – everything from work to climbing to everything in between. It’s all surprising.  Here’s my rundown. If we were having coffee today…I’d tell you that “expect the unexpected” holds true for everything.  Everything … More Virtual Coffee Date: April 2018

Bye 28, Hello 29!

My 29th birthday was last Sunday so I’m a little late here but here we are…a birthday post! 29 isn’t a “big” birthday like 21 or 30 but it does signify the last year of my twenties, which is exciting and scary all at the same time. It’s also a weird feeling. Either way I … More Bye 28, Hello 29!

POPin Review

Hate committing monthly memberships to gyms or fitness apps? Hate working out at home? Have a crazy work or school schedule that doesn’t work with typical boutique fitness class schedules? POPin is your solution! If you followed this blog for the past few years through law school and the rest of it, you know my … More POPin Review